Ant is a Java based build tool, similar to make, but with better support for the cross platform issues involved with developing Java applications. Ant is the build tool of choice for all Java projects at Apache and many other Open Source Java projects. Ant can be configured to compile your java source code files, build your deployment JAR and WAR files, unit-test code and create projects javadoc documentation.

Ant 1.6.0 adds a lot of new features, most prominently support for XML namespaces as well as a new concept of Ant libraries that makes use of namespaces to avoid name clashes of custom tasks.

Advantages of Ant

  • Build IN Java, USING Java, and FOR Java
  • Supports Java Tools (javac, javadoc, etc.)
  • XML Build File is Easier to Build, Read, and Maintain than MAKE file
  • Easier to Extend
  • Supports Cross Platform Java Development
  • Ant is much faster than using MAKE ? Each command is a new process
  • Ant runs within the JVM
  • Each command is executed from within JVM
  • Tools like javac are new threads not new process
  • Compiling large number of java source files is MUCH,MUCH faster with Ant
  • Ant's Debug Options are very helpful
  • XML much easier to read than MAKEFILE
  • User does not need to know all command line interface options to tools that can be called programmatically
  • Even OS-Specific commands can be setup in 'TaskDefs' and/or included from other sources


Installing Ant
Ant Basics
Using Ant
Running Ant
Ant Tasks
Core Tasks
Optional Tasks
Ant Command-Line

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