A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Java Beans


Worked in fortune 100 Corporates in Client Server Technologies.

Specializes in Architecture, Designing, Development & Managing day-to-day activities.

Presently doing a PhD at Queens Uty, U.K in Adaptable Software specific to
Component Technologies and has a M.B.A (Computer Applications) from an U.S. Uty.

Business domain strengths are in Investment banking & Insurance.

Process improvement strengths are in 6 - Sigma and CMM.

His present & past working experiences in various global locations are in corporates like
Pramerica (Prudential U.S), J P Morgan Chase, A B N Amro Bank & SGS.

He was a part time visiting faculty in affiliates of Sydney University, Australia and All India Management
Institute teaching I.T, Project Management & Statistics. He has given some presentations on Project
Management and TQM at various venues. He has won few Talent/STAR performance awards and plays
almost all the sports what are under the Sun.

He hails from Vizag/ Hyderabad India. His 3rd party tested Temperament Sorter results are below

If you liked his presentation, tell others and if you have a comment, tell him. He can be reached at
[email protected] or [email protected]

He wishes to thank Paul Perrone , Paulo Merson & Ramesh Behra for making this tutorial look the way it does.
He wishes to thank to Katherine Ballantyne, Choi Kwan who volunteers to edit all of his Articles & Presentations.
He wishes to thank Joerg Mueller, Muruganandam, CharlesJohnson & Venu Gadium who had volunteered to do the editing of this presentation.

Special thanks to all his Managers at Pramerica and Prudential U.S.

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