Bhushan Dongare
A good developer and architect, having in depth knowledge of all the latest happenings in technology, the best thing with him is you talk to him on java he will talk java you talk to him on Microsoft he with talk Microsoft. He has a good experience into Java and J2EE designing and development. He has worked for many national and international clients as developer and designer on J2EE technologies.

Requirement Analysis and Designing and Project Estimation are his core competency, may be soon I will ask him to come up with some writings on Function Point and Use Case Analysis.

Here is a write-up by Mr. Bhushan Dongare on hibernate.

Abstract: Hibernate lets you develop persistent classes following common Java idiom - including association, inheritance, polymorphism, composition and the Java collections framework.

Hibernate not only takes care of the mapping from Java classes to database tables (and from Java data types to SQL data types), but also provides data query and retrieval facilities and can significantly reduce development time otherwise spent with manual data handling in SQL and JDBC. .

Topics Covered:
1. Introduction to Hibernate
2. Overview of Hibernate
3. Features of Hibernate
4. Getting Started with Hibernate
5. Hibernate O/R Mapping
6. Hibernate Mapping In Depth
7. Hibernate Query Language
8. Hibernate Complete Example

If you have questions, please mail it at [email protected]


Hibernate tutorial
Introduction to Hibernate
Overview of Hibernate
Features of Hibernate
Getting Started with Hibernate
Hibernate O/R Mapping
Hibernate Mapping In Depth
Hibernate Query Language
Hibernate Complete Example

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